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Since doing my first triathlon aged 9, I have competed in many races and have gone through the ups and downs of the sport. I don't doubt there are plenty more to come, but I have and will always be committed to training and becoming the best athlete I can be. While results aren't everything, below you will find a (non-exhaustive) list of my recent and notable performances.


October: Elite Asia Duathlon Cup Tabriz - 1st

October: Asian Games Mixed Team Relay - team 9th

September: Elite Asia Triathlon Cup Cholpon-Ata - 9th

September: Elite Africa Triathlon Cup Monastir - 14th 

August: Elite World Triathlon Cup Yeongdo - 36th

July: Singapore National Sprint Triathlon Championships - 3rd

July: Malaysia National Sprint Triathlon Championships - 1st

July: Elite Asia Triathlon Cup Sejong - 22nd

June: U23/Junior Mixed Team Relay Asia Triathlon Championships - team DNF

June: U23 Asia Triathlon Championships - 16th

May: Elite Africa Aquathlon Championships - 2nd

May: Elite Africa Triathlon Cup Sharm El-Sheikh - 15th

May: SEA Games Triathlon - 3rd

May: SEA Games Duathlon - 4th

April: Elite Asia Triathlon Cup Subic Bay - 38th

April: Singapore National Super Sprint Triathlon Championships - 2nd

February: Metasprint Series Aquathlon - 1st

January: Singapore National Aquathlon Championships - 1st



December: Elite Asia Triathlon Cup Bahrain - 21st 

December: Elite Philippines National Duathlon Championships - 1st

November: Elite Asia Triathlon Cup Ipoh - 22nd

October: Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships - 1st 

October: Elite Europe Triathlon Cup Alanya - 42nd

August: Spanish Age-group National Triathlon Championships - 1st

August: World Age-group Long Distance Triathlon Championships - 1st

August: World Age-group Aquathlon Championships - 1st

August: Spanish Age-group National Triathlon Championships Qualifier - 1st 

June: World Age-group Sprint Triathlon Championships - 3rd

June: World Age-group Sprint Duathlon Championships - 1st
June: World Age-group Standard Duathlon Championships - 1st

May: Super League Arena Games Triathlon Finals Singapore - 13th 

March: Edinburgh Duathlon - 1st

February: World Winter Duathlon Age-group Championships - 1st 

SLT Arena Games SGP

November: BUCS Duathlon - 14th

November: World Sprint Duathlon Age-group Championships - 1st

October: Edinburgh Duathlon - 1st 

October: Scottish National Duathlon Championships - 1st 

September: Darley Moor Triathlon (World Championships Qualifier) - 1st

June: Scottish National Sprint Triathlon Championships - 1st 

June: AJ Bell Leeds Sprint Triathlon - 1st


WTS AG Leeds




October: Super League Triathlon Age-group Enduro - 2nd 

October: Junior Super League Triathlon Malta 

August: Junior World Triathlon Championships - LAP

June: Junior Mixed Team Relay Asia Triathlon Championships - 9th

June: Junior Asian Triathlon Championships - 21st

June: Bintan Triathlon - 1st

May: Scottish Junior National Duathlon Championships - 1st

February: Junior Super League Triathlon Singapore 


May: Junior Asia Triathlon Championships - 14th 

May: Bintan Triathlon - 1st

April: Junior Singapore National Triathlon Championships - 3rd


May: Bintan Triathlon - 1st

April: ASTC Subic Bay Junior Triathlon Asian Cup - 3rd

April: Asia Pacific French Schools Swimming Championships

March: Age-group WTS Abu Dhabi - 2nd

Junior Asian Champs KOR


October: ASTC Hong Kong Junior Triathlon Asia Cup - 17th

June: International French Schools Youth Games 

May: Bintan Triathlon 

May: French National Swimming Championships

March: Singapore National Sprint Triathlon Junior Championships - 3rd

World Duathlon Champs ROM
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