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This book was written when I was 13 years old; it took me about 4 months to write and then another several weeks to edit, proofread, choose the cover, write the blurb etc. 

Growing up as the eldest child, I was expected to be more responsible and mature, and I often felt like my younger sister Emma got away with more things than I did. Looking back now, I realise that is normal and was just my perspective - Emma probably thought the same about me! Although this book is not entirely based on the relationship that I have with her since we have not played all those pranks on each other (yet?), it does convey how our relationship fluctuates between bickering and falling out, and loving and taking care of each other. This probably sounds very familiar for anyone with siblings, which is why I decided to write the book in the third person. Whether you are the oldest, the youngest or the middle child, you will be able to relate to either of the protagonists, while at the same time gaining an insight into what the other is thinking. There is also a twist in the story in order to remind people to cherish the relationships that they have before it is too late.

This book was published in 2014 as a paperback, but I revisited it a few years later to update the cover and make it available as an e-book too.

About the title: the title is an oxymoron, which foreshadows the other contradictions in the story, such as how the sisters love to hate each other and how they are kindly unkind to one another. The two sisters play pranks on each other on purpose but often try to make it look like it was an accident to avoid getting scolded. 

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