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This book is a little different from the others as it is divided into three stories, but the main character, Fred Bloggs, an experienced detective who rants about everything, remains the same and is asked to solve these three cases. 

The first enigma was inspired by a short story my sister, Emma, wrote for her English class. Although I kept the ending, I adapted the storyline to make it more eventful, developed the characters and added other protagonists to make the plot more intricate. 

The second story is based on a riddle that one of my teachers told us on a school trip. I found it quite amusing and thought it had potential to be an intriguing read, so I created an interesting and suspenseful story around it. 

Finally, the third and final mystery was the most challenging: I imagined the whole plot myself, and even though I knew how I wanted it to end, I had to make sure that all the clues fitted together and that nothing was too obvious while still giving readers enough information for them to try and solve it too. 

As I had never written a detective story before, it took a lot of work and research to make it coherent and relatively close to reality, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

I wrote this book in 2017; it took me a couple of months but I was glad to finally have time to write again, as prior to that I had been so busy with schoolwork and training. My mum helped me proofread it and I completed the cover and blurb on my own. It was published as a paperback in 2017 and as an e-book two years later.  

About the title: there is an obvious contradiction in terms which I thought was quite witty and humorous. It can also relate to the fact that some readers may end up following a false leading by believing certain characters when actually they are lying. 

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